About us

We are parents of two children. Our children are already gone from their first steps with a healthy curiosity through life. We quickly noticed that the natural urge to explore the immediate environment, was limited in many situations through locked doors. Thereby the DOLINO Kid easy came in 2004 for the first time, at us, in a successfully use.  

 Egon Maurer
I am working over 20 years for a German automotive supplier, and I am
worldwide active.

My experience:

Project management / analysis, coaching and problem solving for technical problems


I like the challenge, new situations quickly grasp, analyze, evaluate, and derive to economically meaningful solutions.

Kerstin Maurer
I am working for 20 years in a dental office in the region of Stuttgart. In my job I have much to do with children and people who need help, this is for me, in line with the basic idea of DOLINO, to support children and people in a smart way.


Our morning will be different if we change the today.

Hermann Gilhaus