Provide your dog the best preparation in your home or working place.

He supports you everywhere as good as possible, with DOLINO Dog easy.

  The power of independence

  Your dog may support you easily with DOLNO Dog        easy in your home.

  Situations at home becomes normal when your dog:

• get the possibility to open doors easily
• get greater reach for you
• can take some tasks for you
 Also in border situations, the way is free if:
 you and your dog need escape in a situation e.g.
  smoke emission






DOLINO Dog easy :

 it is quick and simple to attach on the door handle and many other things.

• operating safety

• to be suitable for nearly all door handles (not for rotating handles)












Offer your dog the chance to support you in a sufficient and comfortable manne




 Areas of application for DOLINO Dog easy

 suitable for all doors, especially in your daily environment:

• on a door handle 
• on your refrigerator
• cabinet doors

 And all other things which are helpful everyday.




 We manufacture the product Dog easy itself.

 Are you interested? Send a E-Mail on: 
 We send you a offer.







Example of different lengths: 15cm; 50cm; 25cm.

If you need something individual, please get in contact with us.



We will deliver your order within 14 days after receipt of payment. 
We appreciate obtaining special requests e.g. :

• your club label on the string
• different lengths of DOLINO Dog easy system
• Attaching a loop instead of the ball



                                                     We produce the product Dog easy itself.